Our attention has been drawn here on Cars9ja to a strange plate number that was recently seen in Lagos. According to report, it was found on Ford Explorer SUV. We initially thought it was a fake number plate or probably a prank.

A Covid-19 plate number recently spotted in Lagos

Apparently, we found out that the plate number actually belongs to the government of Lagos State. Owning personalized plate number isn’t a problem for citizens and should obviously not create any issue when it is owned by the government.

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Plate numbers owned by the government are usually white, with the numbers and codes in green colour. When you look at the background, you would find a Nigerian map well outlined on it. At the left top corner of the plate, it features Nigerian flag while the coat of arm symbol is placed at the right top corner.

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At the top center of the plate is where the state slogan and name are rightly displayed while the “Federal Republic of Nigeria” is well written at the base of the plate.

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