Holly Molly! Toyota is ready to predict your behavior with this newly launched Machine Assisted Cognition

Just at a time when we are glancing at the future, it seems the future is already upon us. This isn’t science fiction nor fairy-tale but reality. Toyota Research Institute has just unveiled its AI system dubbed as Machine Assisted Cognition (MAC), which is set to develop and demonstrate Artificial Intelligence tools capable of understanding and predicting human behavior, especially focusing on the decision making part.

With the help of the TRI, the giant automaker is set to under human behaviour

By implication, the research institute wants the AI to accord the principle of privacy and transparency while collecting and using the data.

According to Ric Krotkov, the current chief science officer at the TRI, said:

“A key pillar of TRI’s charter is to explore ‘what’s next’ for Toyota, and MAC is another way TRI can apply its AI expertise to help humans perform better,” said TRI chief science officer, Eric Krotkov. “Our vision is to create a human amplification system for Toyota where people and machines work together synergistically to make better predictions, forecasts and business decisions, and do so more quickly.”

The new technology will be able to understand and predict human behaviour

Originally, the assigned team for the Machine Assisted Cognition will design and test the capabilities of this new technology. The group will however explore specific capabilities that can support what every Toyota user needs in all parts of the organization, as far as they can provide the proof of concept.

The TRI believes that the MAC will help in getting a deeper understanding of the nature and behavior of humans, without any form of damage whatsoever. We hope this amazing technological initiative will not be used wrongly neither fall into wrong hands in the future, if successful.

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