Our biggest fear of zombie invasion might not be fairy-tale tale after all. What the deadly coronavirus has brought upon us is far more than what we bargained for at the beginning of year 2020. The impossibility of zombie is now looking close to possibility. We are more scared now than ever.

The Maruti Gymni is the tiniest battle van for zombie apocalypse

We doubt if the ‘undead’ can happen in many years to come but we need to take proactive measures amidst this global pandemic to survive, especially being with our loved ones. One way to survive any unexpected apocalypse of zombie is inside this Maruti Suzuki Gymni battle van, which is arguably the smallest and cutest zombie battle can you will ever come across in a lifetime.

Guys at the Holy Shift Garage rebuilt this piece of junk into a combat-ready van

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The amazing battle van was produced by Holy Shift Garage, a firm based in Indian. The production was reportedly part of TV show aired locally. The guys had to save this tiny battle van from the mouth of the crusher before it was a little too late. Since then, they breathed new life into it and gave it a new purpose. The creators had to strip the condemned donor car down to bare shell, where they began its reconstruction.

A van with a plan : Holy Shift : Episode 7 : PowerDrift

The originally derelict stock engine has been replaced by the designers with a 4-cylinder 1.0-liter engine, as well as differential and transmission from the rebadged Suzuki Jimny SJ40 dubbed Maruti Gypsy. The battle van also comes fitted with a studier rear axle, upgraded suspension and lift kit.

The battle van has been fitted with upgraded features on its exterior look and engine as well

Most of the works were done on its outside look, such as removal of window at the back, newly installed Maxxis Trepador tyres for off-road driving, roof rack and solid roll cage. Second roof rack was also added by the guys to convey motorcycle, skid plate, huge bull bar, rear LED bar and 6 auxiliary lights upfront.

The Maruti Suzuki Gymni offers 6 auxiliary lights at its front

Other exciting features on this battle van include custom paint work and the newly given name ‘Gymni’, which is the combination of Gypsi and Omni (2 models where this brutal tiny piece of machine got its parts from).

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