How do I purchase cars from Auction Export?

Why do I need to know about Auction Export?

Information has been instrumental in making the best possible deals online. Buying of vehicles has been made easier, cheaper and more effective just by searching for the information online. There is no doubt that 50% of our readers have heard about the Auction Export. You begin to wonder what it really means and how you can tap into the endless benefits associated from getting your vehicles from there. To export a car from the United States of America, the U.S Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and U.S Census usually ask for a notification of at least 72 hours prior to every self-propelled car being moved from the country. Well, we are here for what is actually more useful to you; Which is knowing how to buy and get your vehicles delivered to you in any part of the world from Auction Export.


There are other platforms where you can buy auctioned vehicles from the USA and Canada. Some of the popular websites include IAAI, Auto Auction Mall, ADESA, AutoBidMaster, Cars and Bids, Capital Auto Auction, A Better Bid, ACV Auctions. However, our focus here is to teach you on how you can get your vehicles on ExportAuction. 

What is auction Export?

AuctionExport is a platform that allows people all over the world to buy vehicles from North America. This entails getting any kind of vehicle without any hassle. Exporting vehicles from the USA and Canada has been made smoother with this initiative. Their shipping department makes use of ocean and inland transportation to deliver vehicles you purchased from auction to your home. The biggest question is: How do I buy from this auction and get it to my location?

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Guidelines on how to buy from Auction Export

Before you proceed, you might be wondering why you are buying your next vehicle at an online auction. Well, the answer is: you get better value for the car you are buying. You stand to enjoy at least a 30% discount on the vehicle you are buying. Some of the vehicles on ExportAuction are those for charity, salvage vehicles and those that were taken there by various dealerships across the country. 


Without wasting much of your time, here are the detailed guidelines on buying and exporting your next vehicle on the platform. 

Action 1

You need to create an account on the website to be able to participate in this online auction. The good news is: it is available for anyone all around the globe. If you have registered, you need to wait for an approval from the site administrator to validate your membership. Once your information checks out, you receive a message indicating that your registration is successful via your pre-registered email address. Ensure all information is valid and accurate.

Action 2

To show your commitment, you have to pay a sum of $400 or a ten percent of BUY NOW/BID to be able to make a bid for any vehicle displayed on the portal. This mandatory feel will give you the chance to bid at a live auction. To participate in BIDGoLive, which is a real-time bidding, you need to deposit 15% of the bid fee or a sum of $1,000 into your Auction Export account. These highlighted fees as iterated earlier are to test your commitment on the site.  

Action 3

This is when you buy or make an offer to available vehicles for auction on the platform. When you activate the BUY NOW button, it means you are interested in buying outright without negotiating the price. Once you complete your order, you will be notified instantly in your registered email address. When you decide to BID or make an offer, you will have to wait for final results, which might declare you the winner of the bid or not. The user with the highest bid will be considered the winner of the sale. 

NOTE: In instance when your bidding is the highest during an online sale, you may get the vehicle at a cheaper rate especially when your maximum bidding is higher than the reserved price given by the seller. If your bidding is highest at the online sale but lower than the seller’s reserve, you can get the vehicle if the owner agrees. 

Action 4 

When you have won the bidding war during an online sale, you will proceed to the payment portal. The only acceptable currency on this platform is the US dollar. You can make use of various payment methods available on the site that suits you. 


Action 5

After your payment is successful. Auction Export will assist you to retrieve your new car from the original owner or dealership and get it into one of the ports in the US or Canada. You are allowed to ask for the picture of your vehicle before it is shipped to your location. The authentic car documents would be sent to the Canadian or US Customs before you are allowed to clear it. Afterwards, it will be way-billed directly to you via popular courier services such as FedEX and DHL. Importantly, these documents will arrive before the vehicle and will be used to clear the vehicle at the customs. You will also be asked to pay a fee of $195 to the website especially when you procure a vehicle under $3,000 and $295 for more. 

Wait: before you go, have you heard about AuctionExport financing? This initiative affords you the opportunity to easily finance your next car by making an initial security deposit of 33% of the total price of the vehicle as indicated on the website. By this, Auction Export wil take up the remaining 67% for not more than 2 months at a fee. Failure to balance your payment before the deadline means you will lose the vehicle and your security deposit. 

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