The good, bad and ugly sides of using sunglasses when driving

Sunglasses can be that awesome added accessories for better driving experience, especially when you are having hard times driving against the sun glare. So to say, wearing it will keep you safe on the road without jeopardizing the safety of others as well. The fact that it helps improve driving doesn’t make it all innocent of crimes associated with cause of possible road accidents. When used wrongly, sunglasses are capable of putting your life at risk on the road.


The benefits and ugly sides of sunglasses on driving have sparked a lot of debates among car and safety experts in recent times. It’s fast becoming a trend seeing people behind the wheels signifying their fashion sense and taste through the kind of sunglasses they wear. Wearing of sunglasses depends solely on the type you are going for, the needed climatic condition and obviously time of the day. Without much ado, it is necessary we understand the law and guiding principles behind the use of sunglasses when driving.

Law overseeing use of sunglasses when driving

It is not mandatory to buy sunglasses when procuring your car from the dealership, but not having one on you could drop you right into the pit of traffic law violation. It is nowhere stated in the law that drivers must drive with sunglasses, but lack of visibility that sunglasses could have prevented in some cases, might cause you to flout traffic laws or even get charged for careless driving. In such cases, you might end up having your drivers permit or license revoked by the authorities.

Interestingly, in some countries, it is even advisable not to have one at all rather using those that are prohibited for use on the road.  We are talking of sunglasses that are way below the required category 3 classification.

  • Wearing of sunglasses during night driving

Since the word ‘sun’ is spelt out boldly from its name, its sole purpose to drivers should be protecting their visibility from catastrophic effect of sun glare. Since we already made it clear that there is no legislation on its mandatory usage, it is important for your safety to use only when it is absolutely needed. We understand your love for fashion and the excitement to feel like a don behind the wheels. However, using of dark shades when there is no sun ray is absolutely unnecessary. If you have an eye defect or challenge that warrant use of one every time, it is required of you to use those with light transmission above 75 percent.


What are the best sunglasses for driving?

A walk to the market will convince that we have thousands of sunglasses out there, if not millions. There is possibility you end up buying the non-useful ones. Luckily, the needed qualities you should always look out for in sunglasses have been spelt out loudly and correctly by the federation of manufacturing opticians. These means: your vision as a driver must be clear and sufficient light enabling sight must be received by your eyes.

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Since the peripheral vision might be inhibited by many of these stylish sunglasses you see in the market, it is quite advisable to find the suitable ones by doing your research properly before buying one.

Tints have always been important aspects of these sunglasses, since they are needed tools in the light absorption or light transmission. Most sunglasses are divided into 2 essential categories:

  • Fixed tint

Sunglasses with fixed tint features similar tint density, which is not dependent on radiation type. These sunglasses are quite easy to acquire or locate, as they designed to combat the challenges caused by sun glare. It is very suitable for driving. Nonetheless, it is recommended you contact your eye doctor (optician) before picking one out for use on the road.

  • Variable tint

The sunglasses that fall under this variable tint are otherwise called photochromic glasses. When exposed to a particular light, their tint density usually changes. The glasses usually become darker as the radiation from the light gets more intense. This is why it is not advisable to wear this type of sunglasses when driving.

Important tips when buying sunglasses for driving

Here on Cars9ja are important things you should lookout for before or while buying sunglasses for driving. These are:

  • You should take a close look at the category number before you start using it for the purpose intended, which is driving in this case.
  • You should not go for sunglasses that fall under 75 percent light transmission, especially if you will be using it for night driving.
  • Drivers should refrain from using sunglasses that drop under 8 percent light transmission, whether you are driving during the day or in the night.
  • Do not go for glasses that change the colour of objects, for your safety on the road.
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Why you should wear sunglasses when driving

Here are some of the benefits you will enjoy as a driver when you use the right kind of sunglasses when driving.

Improved visibility

When you use the recommended sunglasses for driving, you enjoy better view of the road especially against sun glare. It provides the driver with the right amount of density and comfort as well. The discomfort usually caused by intense sun or windy air (open roof) would be handled effectively by these sunglasses. Drivers with sunglasses will enjoy much clarity and easily pick out objects from afar.


Remedy against eye fatigue

You will have to keep covering your eyes from the solar radiation if you are without sunglasses. While doing that, you end up putting a lot of stress on the eyes, which could affect your general wellbeing when you finally reach your destination. To avoid squinting, you need sunglasses while driving on a sunny day.

Final word

Sunglasses have always proven to be needed driving accessories. They always come handy at a time when you need it most. It is not mandatory you put them on every time you are driving. The important thing here is: make sure you have one in your car for a time when the sun glare will disturb you when driving. Sunglasses aren’t really fashion statement but a way of keeping you safe on the road without jeopardizing the safety of other road users.

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