How to fix your car without any experience in Nigeria

Being in Nigeria, it is often the custom to take your car to roadside mechanic anytime it shows signs of possible faults. Don’t get us wrong; taking your car to an expert isn’t a bad idea at all. In fact, we always recommend to our readers to find a trusted mechanic around them. The truth is, there are certain repair works you can carry out on your car without giving it out or being an expert. We will take you on a short trip here on Cars9ja on how to fix your car here in Nigeria.

There are certain basic repairs you can do at home without calling an expert

Some of these basic maintenance or repair jobs would include replacing a distributor cap that is worn out, replacing air filters and fuel filters, maintaining the electrical power and so on. All you need to do is get your hands on basic tool tools or kits with workshop manual when working on the car.

Simple DIYs on how to fix your car right from home

Replacement of air filter in the engine

To get started, you need to replace the engine air filter after thorough inspection. All you need to do is unclipping the air filter box retainers and the removal of the old filter. Make sure you are able to see the extent at which light passes through it by holding the shop light right behind this filter. When you notice that the filter is obstructing fifty percent of the light, you should replace it as soon as possible. But a situation when it doesn’t, you should put the air filter back in, get the air filter box cover well secured and get moving.

Replacing the air filter is easier than you imagined

PCV valve replacement

The simple job of regulating the crankcase vapors (flammable) back into the car’s engine is done by the PCV valve, for it to safely burn. The whole idea of the valve is to prevent disaster or engine damage by closing in the event of any backfire of the engine. When the PCV valve ages, it starts to accumulate buildup of carbon and tension is lost from the spring. This is why your engine is exposed to a big risk. Always check the recommended replacement interval stated on the maintenance guide for the model of your car.

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How to replace your PCV Valve

You can replace most PCV valve by getting the valve wiggled out of the rubber grommet while also disconnecting it from vacuum hose. Afterwards, place the newly acquired valve there and get it reinstalled.

Gas lift cylinder

The easy way around this is getting new gas lifts at nearest auto shop. You should get another person to assist you by holding the hood why you remove and replace the bad or worn lifts. For some cars, you can disconnect it by making use of metric socket set to unbolt it, while you use spring clip for a ball and socket connection. To get the spring clip disengaged, you will need to shove small flat blade screw driver in between the cylinder and clip. After which, get the cylinder off this ball stud by pulling it.

Replacement of non-headlight bulbs

To get access to the burned out fog light bulbs, side marker or license plate, you will need to pry off the lens after removing the remaining screws. Get the bulb pulled out of the socket. Make sure you wear glove when handling the new bulb. You can also use paper towel when handling it to avoid the deposit of skin oil on this delicate thin glass. The next step here is pushing the bulb into this socket until you hear the click sound. Finally, try reinstalling the lens.

Wear glove to avoid damaging the bulb when handling it

Broken antenna replacement

Getting the fender mount antenna replaced is quite an easy step. All you need is acquiring a replacement mast at nearby auto shop. This should be one after unscrewing the broken mast. Although getting the pillar mast replaced could be challenging, but it is still what you can do by yourself. Get the cable of the antenna disconnected from the radio and connect the heavy strong to its end. Afterwards, get the antenna mount unscrewed from the pillar while pulling the string and antenna out. Try and attach the new antenna cable to this string. Get the cable pulled back into your car and get it connected to the radio. At this stage, you will need to use the provided screw to secure the antenna to the pillar.

Your car radio connection is a good as new when you fix the antenna mast

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Touching up chipped car’s paint

You might have a big problem on your hand like case of rust if the cover paint chip isn’t well covered with touch up paint. Don’t fret yet, it is quite easy to do this. Purchase touch up paint, wax and grease remover, and fine tip paint applicators from auto shop close to you. Get the chips cleaned using the grease and wax remover and leave it to dry. Afterwards, try to dip the applicators straight into this paint and let it dab onto this chip. Avoid adding too much expect you want the paint to drip. Leave it to fully dry and apply the wax on it after thirty days.

How to Fix Paint Chips on Your Car

Fixing the leaky sunroof

You obviously do not want rain to drop right on your head when on the road. When this happens, it is most likely caused by clogged sunroof drains. This DIY on how to fix your car will only take few minutes of your time. Check for the rain holes in rear corners and front the sunroof, after opening it. When you successfully find these drains, get a plastic tube or small rubber duct taped to the shop vacuum end and suck out all debris within the drains. The next step is dribbling water into every drain. Inspect the underneath the car for any possible draining right into the ground. When the drain is still plugged, get a speedometer cable at any auto shop.

Get the cable inserted into this drain while pushing it gently down the drain, spinning it by using your fingers. Avoid pushing hard since you can get the drain tubes punctured, which will allow water to dump into the dash area. Snake the water with speedometer cable and flush. By now, you have successfully fixed it when it runs freely.


You are almost there! Although, we have explained some of the simple repair jobs you can do on your own right from home. However, you should pay attention to the instructional manual recommended for your car. Knowing the replacement schedule will help you know how to fix your car by yourself.

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