How to properly clean the inside of your vehicle windshield

Cleaning the inside of your vehicle windshield might look a bit unnecessary to many, but remember your safety on the road could be dependent on that. The windshield acts as a gatekeeper between you and what lies ahead of u. When you do not have the habit of getting the inside of the windshield cleaned, the dirt accumulates overtime and obstructs your visibility on the road.

A clean inner windshield gives the driver a better sight of what lies ahead

Anything little as grime and grease could turn your much anticipated day into a nightmare on the road. You need to embrace the idea of cleaning the inside of your vehicle windshield possibly few times in a month. Having smudges and dirt on the inside windshield could lead to road mishap. Cleaning the inside of the windshield affords you the opportunity to quickly clear off fog that could easily stick to dirty windshield. Now that we have made it clear why you should clean inside of your windshield, you need to know how to do it right.

Before we dive right into it, let’s see the possible causes of dirty inner windshield.

1. What causes dirt or gross on the inner windshield?

There are several things that could make your windshield look dirty or gross. These include doggie noses, smoke, road dirt, sea salt and other contaminants in your environment. This is why it is close to impossible for you to maintain a totally clean inner windshield without cleaning it. Interestingly, when you decide to make use of oil cleaner on the dash, it makes the situation unfavorable since it evaporates quickly in humid weather, making it hard to see from inside the car.

Having gross or dirt on the inner windshield could lead to fatal road accident

2. How do you properly clean the inside of your vehicle windshield?

Before you proceed to cleaning the inside of your vehicle windshield, there are certain items you need to have with you. You can get these items from nearby auto store. These items include:

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  1. Glass cleaner
  2. Vinegar
  3. Microfiber cloth (lint-free)
  4. Rubbing alcohol
image-of-how-to-clean-inside of your-vehicle-windshield
accumulated smoke on the windshield could reduce road visibility

When you have these cleaning items with you, it’s time to get down into main business.

  • Step one

You need to mix up the solution in spray bottle. Depending on your choice, effective and known methods include (a) 70 percent water, 15 percent alcohol and 15 percent window cleaner (b) 50 percent water, 50 percent alcohol and just small quantity of white vinegar. You need to make use of designated glass cleaner for cars. Refrain from using cleaners made from ammonia, which can possibly impair the tint, leather and vinyl.

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  • Step two

After you have gained access to the inner windshield from the passengers’ seat, you need to wipe down the glass using the dry, neat microfiber.

  • Step three

At this point, you need to degrease the glass by making use of a different microfiber cloth to rub the alcohol. If you can get hold of vinegar, you can use it to wipe off seat salt from the inner windshield.

  • Step four

Find an unused part of the microfiber rag you are using or get another one. Spray it with glass cleaner and circularly wipe the glass clean. Make sure you change the rag when it looks very dirty. We understand you may not have the luxury of using many rags. So you need to clean the microfiber rag quickly. When finishing up the wiping process, clean it using up and down motion till it gets dry.

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Note: make sure you wash other parts of the car before washing the windshield. Avoid washing under hot sun. Preferably, get your car to a protective cover when washing it. Hot temperature tends to evaporate the window cleaner quickly. Finally, do not use microfiber rag you have used on other part of the car to clean the inner windshield.

Now that the windshield is sparkling, you are now free to go to anywhere you desire without visibility fear. To avoid future re-occurrence of heavy dirt building up on the inside windshield, make sure you crack up the window of your car occasionally for fresh air to clean out any contaminant.

Please be safe out there and come back for more informative auto tips.

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