Replacing worn out or damaged car parts is one of the biggest headaches of owning a car anywhere in the world. To some people, it is not really about the cost but time it will take to get some complex parts removed and replaced.


Generally, the prices of some car parts will scare a lot of people away from even buying a car. While some car parts are quite affordable to replace and less time consuming as well, some will drain your pocket if you do not prepare your minds towards it.

Luckily for you, we have helped you to identify these expensive car parts and what you should do when you have a gut feeling that something is wrong with your car. We understand that prices vary depending on your location and exchange rate. 


However, you should be able to get your hands on used ones in good condition if you cannot afford the brand new replacement parts. Here on Roadniche are the top 10 costliest car parts for replacement:

10 most expensive car parts to replace 

1. Transmission

The transmission is not the part of your vehicle you would wish to replace anything soon. If you are not well prepared for it, it might incur big debt on you. This is why we tell people that car financing is more of a long term goal rather than short term. It is not only about collecting car keys and documents at the dealership, but preparing for a situation like this.


Sometimes, we do tell our readers to sell their car especially when the vehicle is aged. It is not always worth it to replace except you have a personal connection with the car. If you are bent on changing it, you will need an expert who will guide you through choosing the best transmission type for your vehicle.

2. Catalytic converter

Just like the transmission, the catalytic converter is another vital component on a car. It helps in the conversion of fumes into harmless emissions. Despite its expensive nature, the good thing about replacing catalytic converters is that it doesn’t require intensive labour.


3. Camshaft

The amount of air intake in the engine is being controlled by this camshaft. They are very important and expensive to replace as well. People often have problems with the camshaft in the engine because of their bad maintenance habit, which includes skipping oil changes.


To avoid this type of situation whereby the camshaft gets eroded, all you need is to check through the maintenance routine on the car guide and take it to a workshop for servicing. Like we mentioned earlier, you can get used ones if the price of new ones is beyond your financial capability. You will need to replace broken camshafts.

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4. Fuel pump

Imagine what will happen to your car if an incorrect amount of pressure is supplied to the fuel injectors. That spells nothing but trouble. As a result of tear and wear or putting below standard fuel into the engine, the fuel pumps will clog overtime.


Older models are vulnerable to this type of problem. To avoid this, you should engage in a routine servicing of the vehicle before it drains your bank accounts especially when it becomes a major issue.

5. Engine alternator

The job of the engine alternative is simple and straightforward. It Supplies power to the car battery. When there is an issue with it, it can destroy the vital electrical system in the vehicle. Like others, its replacement is costly.


However, you can get a reconditioned alternator at a cheaper rate. Finding a quality reconditioned alternator should be an easy task if your vehicle is an older model. For newer vehicles, it could be challenging except you are going for a new alternator.

6. Engine block

Just know you are in big trouble if there is a major problem with your vehicle’s engine block. It simply means the engine is beyond repair. While it might be possible to repair, it is labour intensive and the cost might turn out to be disaster.


What will be required of you here is to replace the entire engine. We know what you are thinking: a lot and a lot of money because engine replacement is really expensive. Prices of car engines vary, depending on the brand, production year and model.

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7. Car Cylinder

Bad car servicing routine is also one of the major reasons why you might encounter a broken cylinder. The auto expert will be able to detect the issue at an early stage and fix it for you during one of the scheduled maintenance routines. When it gets beyond repair, you will need to spend a lot of cash to get a replacement.


8. Air flow sensor

Best way to avoid this is to maintain the air filter properly by replacing them when it is due. When you fail to do this, be ready to spend loads of cash on the replacement of a damaged air flow sensor. The job of the air flow sensor is to measure the passage of air via the engine.


9. Brake line

Expectedly, the brake line will deteriorate with time. You can however expand its lifespan by engaging in proper car maintenance. We do not recommend fixing components of the brake line even though it is possible. What we encourage is full replacement. Fortunately for you, it is not as costly as other parts we mentioned above.


10. Hybrid parts

When you approach a dealership to buy a hybrid car, you should know such higher performance comes with greater responsibility. Getting hybrid car parts is not an easy task and they are always expensive.



Owning or buying a car goes beyond cruising in it around town or showing it off to friends and family. It entails getting your mind prepared for what is to come, which is replacement of some expensive car parts as time goes on. This is why we encourage our car owners to have a spare emergency fund for such situations.

Lesson learnt: A lot of these replacements or problems could be avoided if we stick to the maintenance routine as recommended by the manufacturer. Skipping servicing causes most of these car parts to drop ahead half-way.

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