The South Korean carmaker is working alongside Forze Hydrogen Racing in creating Forze IX, set to be the world’s fastest hydrogen-powered race car.


The Forze IX will be fitted with 2 fuel cell systems, generating a maximum output of 800 horsepower, where powers will be sent to the four wheels. The hydrogen-powered model is set to weigh 3,300 lbs., and also sprint from zero to 60 mph in less than 3 secs. The Forze IX is expected to offer a maximum speed of 186 mph.

To make this project successful, Forze is seeking the expertise of Hyundai on hydrogen power. The carmaker will draw engineers from its Hyundai Motor Europe Technical Center in Russelheim, Germany to join the Forze Team.


Tyrone Johnson, who happens to be the Head of Vehicle Development at the HNMETC said:

“Forze is an exciting team made up of some of the brightest young minds, and with a proven pedigree of bringing fuel cell mobility to the race track. Hyundai is delighted to enter into this partnership with Forze.”

The newly assembled team is made of 60 young students at the Delft University of Technology in Netherlands, who are allowed to either work as full time or part time for the Forze team as part of their studies.

This isn’t the first car to be made by the team. The race team created Forze VI in 2015, which ran through the Nurburgring Nordschleife in less than eleven secs. This car set a record for a hydrogen-powered car after the completion of the lapping.

The bad news is: we will have to wait till 2022 before we see this Forze IX in action. We have no doubt that this new hydrogen-powered vehicle will take our breath away when it comes out. Considering the amount of Hydrogen-powered vehicles in town, the Forze IX will compete mostly with models using internal combustion engines.

Johnson further said:

“By drawing on our leadership in fuel cell mobility and Forze’s ambition to take hydrogen to the next level, together we will push the boundaries of what’s possible in the development of zero-emissions racing,” 

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