Officer’s body cam captures the moment 2 drag racing cop cars crash into each other

Last month, a pair of Ford Police Interceptors crashed into each other in Washington D.C. while drag racing each other. Now, body cam footage of the incident has been shared online.


This video was released by the D.C. police. The officer whose body cam captured this video didn’t turn on his camera but rather the device automatically activated at the moment of impact and also saved the two minutes prior, albeit without sound.

As there is no sound until the accident, the first couple of minutes don’t tell us much about what was happening nor what the officers were talking about. What the video does capture, however, is the driver of one of the Ford Police Interceptors accelerating away quickly and driving down a residential street at what seems to be well above the speed limit.

Not long after, the second police vehicle comes into view and appears to be turning to the left in front of the other Ford. Either that or the driver has lost control and is sliding across the path of the other officers. Whatever the case may be, the first cop car is unable to avoid hitting the other and slams into its side, triggering the airbags in what appears to be quite a hefty impact. Indeed, the officer with the body cam appears noticeably winded after climbing out of the car.

Police in Washington D.C. state that one of the officers involved was a probationary employee who has since been terminated by the department. The other three are in a non-contact status while the case is being investigated by the Office of the Attorney General; any officer found to have engaged in misconduct “will be subject to discipline, up to and including termination.”

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