Don’t ever try this in real life! Well, this Florida man just did what we usually see in movies. More often than none, the people that try this type of stunt in movies always make it through. It is convenient to say that is what the people expect to see. A little bit of disappointment might ruin the movie ratings. Back to reality, this man from Florida did exactly what we always tell people not to do.


From the report, the event happened in Daytona Beach in Florida at the Main Street Bridge, where the person behind the wheel of a Hyundai Santa Fe intentionally looked away from the many warning signs and flashing signals before smashing through the traffic arm at the entrance of the bridge. Consequently, the windshield of the SUV suffered some serious damage, but that didn’t stop the driver from slowing down at any point.

The whole ordeal was captured by the cameras, showing the time after when the driver continued eastbound along the bridge towards the beach while it was still opening. Fortunately, the driver was able to move through before the gap got too wide. If they had delayed a little longer, it would have ended in serious calamity.

So far, we can’t really wrap our heads around why the driver attempted this stunt, since they were not trying to evade arrest or under hot chase by anyone. Maybe it might be from sense of adventure or suicide as you would say. There is nothing that would justify such reckless driving. Unfortunately for them, the police recently revealed that they have the identity of the driver. Hopefully, we will get clever information from the police report.

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