Meaning and types of exhaust system in a car

Over the years, a lot has been said on what exhaust means and how it works. Just like every other part in a vehicle, the exhaust system plays its role well and ensures the car is working the way it should. Here on Cars9ja are what you need know about automotive exhaust system and the various types we have.

What is the meaning of exhaust system in a car?

The idea behind the design of the exhaust system is to discharge steam or burned gases through the lengthy tube via the rear of the vehicle. So, the exhaust system is a combination of parts or components responsible for the removal of combustion gases from the car engine. To make this process smooth, the catalytic converter comes into play, helping to clean the parts including the gases. The way these gases flow depends on the automotive structural design. While in some cars, the gases flow through one portal, it’s multiple in others.


As earlier iterated in an exhaust system, the catalytic converter reduces air pollution. Other important components include the muffler for noise reduction, exhaust manifold and cylinder head, and the turbocharger for increase in the power from the engine.

Types of exhaust system

Single exit pipe

Single exit pipe is the most popular type of automotive exhaust system since it is affordable and easy to install. This is a situation whereby there is a single exhaust pipe fitted on the vehicle. The fact that it requires single pipe doesn’t make it very effective. The car maker places it mostly on average car due to tis cost effectiveness and ability to work well with the type of workload from the engine. The passengers’ side of the vehicle is usually used as its exit point.


Dual rear exit

This type of exhaust system is usually found on sportscars or even premium cars. It gives the vehicle that sharp look and feel, while playing its supposed role very well. A vehicle with dual rear exit exhaust system will sound quite deep especially if the engine fitted is potent enough. In most cases, the 2 exhaust pipes are placed underneath the rear bumper at opposite sides. This type of exhaust system discharges more gases than the earlier type. Also, the exhaust pipes here are not bent around the vehicle’s wheels.

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Opposite dual exhaust

Opposite dual exhaust might be a bit similar to dual rear exit, but this type of exhaust system ensures the pipes are bent around the wheels. This bend according to its design will play its specific roles during the filtering of the gases. Carmakers usually place this type of exhaust system on vehicles with capacity to tow or move heavy loads. The opposite dual exhaust has proven to come handy in some situations and could also be used on hauling boats.


Dual side exhaust

Just as its name implies, it means the two exhaust pipes are placed beside each other on one side of the car. Since it’s a proven fact that using 2 exit units to discharge gases is more effective, the dual side exhaust does not come short in this. The two exhaust pipes are often smaller for deeper exhaust sound note. The dual side exhaust is usually placed on high-end cars and allows for exhaust tuning or performance modification.


High performance exhaust

This is a premium type of exhaust system due to its high cost and rarity. Since it’s very expensive, it’s fair to say its performance level will be topnotch as well. The high performance exhaust is rarely fitted on vehicle as standard, but comes as aftermarket exhaust system. They offer the vehicle better road performance and more speed as well. This type of exhaust is wider hereby taking off pressure from the engine. Before you can fit this exhaust into your vehicle, few changes must be done to exhaust components such as the manifold. Because of this stress, only few people usually get this aftermarket product to tune their vehicle’s performance level.



The exhaust system is as important as any other automotive parts. Any issue with it will affect the overall performance level of your car. Car manufacturers understand the type of exhaust most suitable for your type of car. However, they leave room for performance tuning. All you need to do is getting an auto specialist and aftermarket exhaust product. If not, proper maintenance and routine check should do the job well for now.

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