Minivan driver unfazed after barely avoiding being taken out by a semi-truck

It is hard to imagine driving down the highway and seeing a semi-truck out of nowhere coming at you in the opposite direction. Apparently, the truck veers out of its lane and begins to cross into the grass and heading right towards your vehicle. That should be one of the most dreadful moments for any driver using the highway. No one would definitely wish for that.

Surprisingly, that was exactly what happened on the 21st of April in Lostant, Illinois, to a minivan driver. The driver kept cool despite facing an impending disaster on the road.

The shocking footage captured by dashcam was shared recently on Facebook, showing the moment a white semi-truck veered out of its lane and crossed directly into the path of a minivan. The van driver reacted quickly and veered to the right, where they slightly avoided being struck by the semi-truck. That escape was nothing short of incredible and of course a really close call. It shows why it is vital to be attentive while behind the wheel, especially on the freeway.


Another surprising thing about this incident was that the driver of the van didn’t pull over to check on the truck driver. Instead, they kept driving down the freeway. Luckily for the semi-truck driver, the truck remained upright and did not flip over when it slid to a halt on the side of the road.

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