NY driver doused cops with chemicals and Molotov cocktail during traffic stop

What could have been the motive behind this aggravated attack? The shocking footage of the incident that happened on a Saturday morning was released by the New York Police Department.


According to a report, the authorities claim that 2 police officers pulled over Lionel Virgile (44) after he allegedly ran the red light. The body camera on one of the officers reveals when he approached Virgile’s vehicle to have a conversation with him.

From the footage, the left hand of the driver was out of the view as he informed the officer he was getting his wallet. The officer however permitted him to get his wallet from the car. Instead, the driver took the chance and threw a cup full of liquid on the officer which the authorities assume to be a chemical. 

The clip was later cut off after the officer withdrew back to his vehicle out of safety. According to the police, Virgile sped off from the scene and was pulled over quickly by another set of officers. Amidst this second stop, the driver threw a lit Molotov cocktail at the police’s vehicle. This cocktail bounced off the car’s windshield and shattered on the pavement. Virgile attempted to flee again but was later taken into custody after crashing his car into an SUV.

The police revealed that they discovered 3 other Molotov cocktails in his car. Virgile may be facing charges of weapon of mass destruction. The sources also revealed that the New York Police Department is speaking with the Brooklyn district attorney of charging the driver with an attempted murder of a law enforcement officer. Authorities are working on federal charges that would give him a minimum of 20 years of jail time when convicted. 

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