Ouch! See the moment 2 identical Lamborghini Aventador smashed into each other in Singapore

Probably these two drivers are having girlfriend issue…lol. We were wondering what could have made these two identical yellow Lamborghini Aventador to crash heavily into each other. No doubt, accidents do happen but not like this. According to report reaching us, this road mishap happened on the street of Singapore. These two Aventador supercars are not only similar in appearance, but share identical exterior modifications, such as rear diffusers, rear spoiler, black wheels and even side skirts.

The yellow Aventador supercar smashed into another one at a light stop in Singapore

From what we learnt, one of these yellow Lamborghinis made a stop at the light when the other yellow one smashed right into it from its rear end. We know the other driver could have prevented this unnecessary accident, but he didn’t. Could be that he was careless due to less cars on the streets as a result of the ongoing global pandemic? This is one question we are yet to find answer to.

The owners of these two yellow identical supercars quickly removed the plates and went off

Shockingly, the owners of these yellow Lamborghini Aventador cars decided not to call towing truck, trade insurance information or even accept what just happened to them, rather, they exited their cars quickly, went straight to the front of their cars and got the license plates removed. What the heck just happened?

The police later came and towed these two similar supercars away

Well, if you are wondering why they did so. The struck law in Singapore set death punishment for anyone found dealing in drugs. They were also trying to avoid being captured by the CCTV camera around the area of this mishap. We learnt the two supercars were later towed away from the scene by the police.

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Could it be that they had drugs in cars? Are they trying to avoid being nabbed for possible punishable drug offense?  

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