The popular Canadian-born U.S rapper Drake unveiled his private Boeing 767 dubbed Air Drake last year, a lavish jet with breathtaking interior look and space for drake and his music crew.

Popular U.S rapper Drake pictured alongside the original look of his Air Drake in 2019

Originally, the jet came with  OVO and 6 God logos exterior look but has been modified now with the assistance of Virgil Abloh.

The newly designed Air Drake by Virgin Abloh

Drake had to wet our appetite when he posted the newly designed Air Drake via his Instagram account, designed by Virgin Abloh. In case you are wondering where you came across similar outlook; well, the private jet design was an inspiration from the musician’s ‘Nothing Was the Same’ album cover.

Drake’s private jet offers a spacious and well equipped interior design for his large crew

The new look is undoubtedly stunning and will sure mix well with the clouds an skies as Drake goes on its tour.

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