Santa Claus goes classy with the customized Bentley ‘Reindeer Eight’ for busiest night to come

Just a moment ago, Santa Claus put up his 1990 Morgan 4×4 for sale, for an upgrade. We obviously didn’t see this type of upgrade coming at all. From last report, the newest project of Bentley dubbed ‘Reindeer Eight’, a bespoke Flying Spur, has been commissioned by Santa.


This special model is created by the Mulliner division of the luxury marque. It comes finished in Cricket Bauble, which is a distinctive shade inspired by Cricket Ball. It is also joined by special side patterns and gold accents, while riding on 22-inch (all-season) golden wheels with diamond finish.


The logo of the Flying B mascot has been changed to 3D reindeer ornament, and in lieu of V8 badges placed on the fenders at the front of the car. The automaker has also added the ‘Reindeer Eight’ logo to further make the engine area special. The customized Bentley is powered by a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine with a generative output of 542 horsepower and 568 pound feet of torque. The ‘Reindeer Eight’ Bentley Flying Spur can accelerate from a standpoint of zero to 60 mph in an amazing 4.0 secs and a top speed of 198 mph.


On the inside, the Christmas theme is highlighted in Cricket Bauble coupled with hand cross-stitching. Bentley has embroidered customer’s name on the driver’s seat while the ‘missus’ name can be found on the passenger front seat. Other distinctive features inside the car include Grand Black Veneer showing winter night scenery (North Pole) and the door cards showing the end of the night’s journey of 41 million miles.


Santa shockingly revealed his excitement as there is enough space at the back for all his subordinate clauses to ride in this powerful sleigh.

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