Who is willing to buy Santa’s Sleigh, a 1990 Morgan 4/4?

It’s Christmas season and a lot of renovations are going on everywhere on the planet. Like us, Santa Claus is trying to find an upgrade for his loyal and trustworthy sleigh.


The thing is, before Santa acquires a better version for the busiest night yet to come, he needs to sell off the 1990 Morgan 4/4 he has been using for years to bring smiles to faces.


The British sportscar has been around for 3 decades, dressed in festive attire and finished in Corsa Red. The Morgan 4/4 is adorned with chrome accents and multi-spoke wheels. It offers a stone leather interior coupled with walnut dashboard. You might come across some reindeer fur in some of the creases.


The air miles have no effect on the health of the car, with Rudolph the red nose reindeer leading the pack. There is still a lot to be offered from this 1.6-liter powertrain mated to 5-speed manual transmission and double Webber carburetors. Its odometer shows 40,868 km, which is quite an impressive data for a car of such massive Christmas responsibility.

Also on the car, there is a valid MOT which lasts till August 20 in year 2021. For potential owner, the only thing to do is sign their name on the dotted line, pay the amount and collect the key.

How much do you reckon it will cost? Well, the answer is here for you. The car has been evaluated at $32,100 in today’s market.

Santas Sleigh Ad Video

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