If there is one thing you cannot take away from Nigerians is talent. The country might not be there yet in term of human development and technology, but we have some standout individuals who have created something spectacular out of nothing. Not to forget, we all need something positive at a time like when deadly coronavirus has been ravaging many countries on the planet.

Nigerian man created complete house furniture from used car tires

This young Nigerian man has utilized his creative skills to transform a used vehicle tires to produce complete furniture, including a set of two chairs and a table.

The beautiful creation includes set of 2 chairs and a table, using tires

Something nice like this is needed to take our minds off the ravaging effects of the deadly virus, while we continue to stay at home safe with our families.

Here is the video to some of the most amazing things done with car parts

Brilliant DIYs Made From Old Upcycled Car Parts
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