See the moment thieves drove Bentley Continental GT through the doors after breaking into dealership showroom

In these recent weeks, there have been many cases of theft at dealerships across many showrooms. The latest one according to report reaching us was when a luxury Bentley Continental GT was stolen from a dealership showroom recently.

The Bentley Continental GT was driven through the showroom doors

The crime spree all started when these particular thieves successfully stole 4 different vehicles – Ford Fusion, Genesis G70, Hyundai palisade and Chevrolet Impala after breaking into Elhart Hyundai Dealership.

Cars Stolen from Holland Car Dealerships

After pulling such auto heist, the thieves were not ready to call it a day. They reportedly drove these stolen 4 vehicles to the European Autohaus, where they broke into the dealership by using tire iron.

After searching the dealership showroom for car keys, they were able to get that of a Continental GT model. Surprisingly, the thieves decided to take a dramatic exit by driving the luxury car right through the doors of the showroom.

Unfortunately, the car didn’t get through as they expected. It was held up after getting clipped to a frame. The thieves were able to pull it out after flooring it.

Just as the thieves were about to leave the showroom, the police arrived, which led to hot chase that also involved the stolen Ford Fusion. Interestingly, the thieves were able to escape after ditching the car.

From additional information reaching us, the dealership sells used cars. this particular stolen Bentley Continental GT car has a mileage of 37,798 and a price tag of $39,995.

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