What is lovelier than fitting a classic car with an engine as powerful as anything you could imagine? Having the original Datsun 240Z coupe is one thing. When you own a modified version with roll cage, wide body kit, wider track and finally, the latest Nissan GT-R engine, then such is quite a dream to many, but reality to one.


This this Nissan GT-R powered Datsun 240Z comes fitted with V6 twin-turbo 3.8-liter engine as a replacement for the earlier straight-6 engine. Unlike the standard motor, this new engine offers more, giving the driver to get the rear tires lightened up. Another thing that got out attention is the powerful and intimidating sound from this modified vintage machine.

Watch the video below to see the king of tire smoke in real action on the track.

VR38DETT powered 240Z GT-Z – Pure Sound

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