The new Kia e-Soul Cargo is a ₦17.17m electric commercial vehicle

Talk of a utility cargo vehicle, Kia is really stamping itself as a reckoning force among top automakers on the planet. The South Korean carmaker is introducing this e-Soul Cargo vehicle for cargo vehicle lovers in Netherlands. We know it’s before time we start seeing similar design in other parts of the globe. For now the Dutch will be having a feel of this magnificent model.

The new Kia e-Soul Cargo is a utility vehicle for the Dutch

The Kia e-Soul’s design is a transition and a peep of what commercial electric vehicles will look like in the nearest future. It was built on the platform of the popular e-Soul, designed for the transportation of medium and small-sized items. To make this modification possible, the company had to remove the seats at the back of the car to create more space for storing things. The new Kia e-Soul Cargo comes equipped with a hatch and 6 tie-down anchors from its metal load floor, promising access to the charging cable concealed under the floor. The new model also offers metal rack, separating cargo space area from where the passengers sit.

The e-Soul Cargo can easily be used as a delivery van

The Kia e-Soul Cargo can be used as delivery van since its production platform is from the model’s executive line. Customers will be offered exciting features such as heated steering wheel, top quality audio system (Harman Kardon), ventilated and heated leather seats, infotainment system of 10-25 inches fitted with Apple CarPlay and Android compatibility as well as adaptive cruise control.

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The new model is the e-Soul-modified model with enough cargo space

The new model comes powered by an electric battery of 64 kWh, providing enough power to the electric motor. The new e-Soul Cargo produces generative output of 201 horsepower and 291 pound feet of torque. The vehicle can accelerate from a standpoint of zero to 62 mph in a remarkable 7.9 secs, while offering as much as 452 kilometers on a single charge.

The passenger area is separated from the cargo space by a metal rack

Since it is limited only to Netherlands for now, the car manufacturer had set its starting price at €39,077 (₦17.17 million). We learnt potential buyers will be offered conversion kit of €2,680 ((₦1.17 million) for its standard version. Interestingly, the South Korean automaker revealed that customers can convert this e-Soul Cargo model back to the passenger version if they want.

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