These are the 07 mistakes many car painters make

Painting of car surely changes its aesthetics and makes it look really appealing on the road. Sometimes, you might take such car for brand new. While we are at it, people paint their cars for several reasons: Some people disgust seeing little scratch on the body of their car, which could be a dent to its overall appearance. It could also be as a result of accident, where it could be deemed fit to restore the car to its original state or even a better exterior look. Regardless, such a car will need to be re-sprayed properly.

The outcome is usually bad when you commit these painting mistakes

A lot of people understand that re-spraying a car helps in improving its resale value. To convince a particular buyer to buy that car off you at a good price, you need to paint it well enough to look exactly like a new car. Many car painters make such mistake of painting the car in such a way that potential owner sees through it and downgrades the value of the car instantly. In most cases, the buyer takes his or her business to another seller. Here on Cars9ja are the 07 mistakes many car painters make while doing their job.

1. Low quality paint

The use of low quality paint could be blamed on both parties. Sometimes, the painter might want to maximize profit, hereby taking advantage of the owner’s lack of knowledge of prices of different kinds of paint in the market. In such case, he uses the cheapest paint in the market and applies it on the car. On the other hand, the owner might ask the painter to use such since he is planning on coughing out small amount of money for its restorative process. This will definitely tell on its finished look and obviously looks nothing close to new. You cannot expect any person to buy such a car at good price. The best idea here is to find a decent paint if you cannot afford the highest grade or premium one.

Do not go for low quality paint!

2. Contrasting paint colour

This is one big mistake many painters make all over the world, most especially the newbies. Not every red colour is the same. This applies to every colour you know. There are differences in tones or textures. To achieve uniformity while painting, the exact colour tone and texture must be used on the body you want to re-spray. This is why some people prefer to go to shops where they scan the body colour with a machine. Many painters fall victims of selecting wrong colour and might end up making the car look horrible like scrapyard graduate. Who would put money on a car with contrasting shades of colours?

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3. Refusal to wax or buff after painting

We usually emphasize here why it is important to wax a car. Not only will it give that car such an awesome look, it will also extend the lifespan of its body paint. As a painter, you get the best out of your effort when you wax and buff a car you have painted. Don’t be too eager to deliver the work to your client, and end up doing a bad job. When you wax a car, it takes away the smallest scratch from car, ensuring a better and brighter glossy look.

4. Use of contaminated oven

It is quite shocking that some car painters are still using contaminated ovens to spray their vehicles. This is the modern age where everything has been done and arguably perfected to avoid such unnecessary painting mistakes. One of such is the advent of car paint booth otherwise known as automated spraying booth. Some painters end up allowing lots of air to gain access to the oven where they are painting the car while opening the door, especially during the baking process. This air can potentially attract dust into the oven and also to the body of the car.

Modern day painting booth for cars

As a painter, you need to ensure the oven is always in perfect condition. This means; it should be neat and tidy always. To achieve the best result, attention should be paid to the filters found inside the oven. They should be cleaned thoroughly and rid of dust. When you park a car for a long time at the workshop, there is possibility that dust might stick to the newly body paint. Make sure you get the designated cover for vehicle to prevent such from happening.

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5. Refusal to use paint strippers

Depending on the kind of colour scheme you are picking for the car, it is important to remove old paint from the vehicle with the use of these paint strippers. When you apply paint on its body without removing the old paint, it makes the amount of paint on the body to get thicker. Many painters are guilty of this, creating problem on the paintjob by feeling too lazy to use the paint strippers. Every painter should have these paint strippers in their workshop.

6. Failure to strip the car before painting

One of the biggest mistakes when re-spraying a car is when the painter just applies paint on it without stripping it down. Not only is he doing a bad job, he is obviously wasting the materials. Parts of such as grilles, headlights, door handle, doormat and other detachable parts, and should be removed from the car before painting or re-spraying. When vehicles are painted after they are totally stripped down, it gives the painter enough room to use the paint thoroughly without causing dent or damage on any part.

The car should be stripped down before applying the new paint on it

7. Painting on uneven surface

It is without doubt that prepping a car for an excellent paintjob isn’t a child’s play. However, what worth doing at all is worth doing well. As a painter, it is best you make sure the foundation is very smooth and the body is properly prepped for paintjob. The way you prep the body, will determine the final result. To achieve such desired outcome, make sure the surface is evenly prepared before re-spraying.

Final word

As a painter, you need to stop giving your customers unrealistic date or time for delivery. Painting a car properly requires time, effort and definitely patience. Optimal attention should be placed to areas where there are dents or rusts. If your painter cannot get hold of this article, please feel free to share and educate them how to avoid these 7 mistakes.

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