Why you should never buy a Mercedes-Benz car

Wait a minute! We probably know what you are thinking right now. Everyone loves a Mercedes-Benz car for its luxury, performance and exclusivity. Perhaps, you are about to leave this page since no one can change your mind about the brand. Well, before you scroll away, why not take a few minutes of time and see why. 

Common perception of a Mercedes-Benz car

Generally, it is believed that Mercedes-Benz is one of the most desirable car brands out there. They are built to stand above the competition in terms of materials, shape and functions. Well, we can’t argue that. The brand is known for its incredible engineering, excellent safety features, luxury and style. Some of the issues we will highlight here are not attempts to ruin the brand as they are also common with many high-end brands out there. We feel you need to know these pitfalls before you approach a dealership for your next Mercedes-Benz car.


5 Reasons Why You Should Never Buy a Mercedes-Benz car

1. High maintenance cost

If you do not have a deep financial pocket, it is advisable you stay far away from Mercedes. Not to disrupt your love for luxury cars. Mercedes-Benz cars require high cost of maintenance as well as repair. You spend as much as $1,000 on a simple maintenance routine like oil change and so on. More importantly, the more you use the car, the bigger the repair issues. If you are not up to the task of financing the car up to roadworthy standards, you should consider looking into the market for more affordable, easily maintained cars. Popular brands like Toyota and Honda are cheaper and would dig a lesser hole in your pocket. 


Many times, repairing some Mercedes cars require a specialized auto mechanic to handle it for you. With or without them in your area, it is pretty expensive to acquire their services. You will need their specialized tools and expertise to fix it for you. Unfortunately, if you attempt to pay smart by seeking the service of an unauthorized repair centre, you might end up losing the warranty on it. Of course, you don’t want to be caught doing that. 

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2. Warranty issue

When you run out of warranty on your Mercedes-Benz car, it incurs higher maintenance and repair cost on you. Ordinary, the cost of putting it in great shape is high even with your warranty. Ideally, the average warranty on a Mercedes is 50,000 miles or 4 years. While it is possible to extend the warranty (optional), the overall cost of maintaining it doesn’t sound appealing enough to people working on a limited budget. 

3. Stress of acquiring parts 

We admire your resolve not to back down despite the points explained above. Another important reason to know if it is for you or not is your ability to get requested car parts. There is a possibility that you might need to replace some damaged or impaired components in the vehicle. Difficulty in finding them makes the job quite impossible. Except you have a trusted dealer, finding such parts could be a daunting task. Most times, you would be advised to order it and that could cost you a lot of money and time. 


4. Mercedes-Benz depreciates quickly 

The value of your Mercedes-Benz begins to drop the very moment you step out of the dealership. We understand that this applies to every car out there. Unfortunately, it falls on the greater side with owning a Mercedes. There is a report that claims it drops by an average of 18 percent in the first year. By the time you have driven it for 5 years, you would have already lost a substantial 45 percent of its entire value. By that, you might have to let go of half of the price you got it for. That’s quite discouraging considering how much you love the brand. 

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5. Mercedes-Benz car can be unreliable

Another important reason why you shouldn’t go for Mercedes-Benz is the issue of unreliability. The brand rates among the lowest in the area of reliability. You might spend more time fixing it than enjoying it on the road. It is often believed that their cars are over-engineered, hence offering complicated issues. Truthfully, Mercedes cars are more advanced than many cars out there. That could be a good thing and also leads to its downfall. 


Perhaps, Mercedes might be for you if you are unbothered by the issues highlighted in this article. However, there are a plethora of budget-friendly brands out there in the market. All you need to do to carry out some research and weigh your options based on your financial power.