This steampunk-styled BMW R100 comes with space for wine bottle

If you fall within the category of retro lovers or those who fancy acceptable obsession with bikes, this will not only excite you but drop some jaws along the way. This BMW R100 RS from the 80s is one hell of a bike, created by Dirk Oehlerking from Kingston Customs.


The motorcycle dubbed “Good Ghost” is from the designer’s Phantom Series, comprising white and black versions. This retro bike Good Ghost has its entire body covered by streamliner from the past.

The twin-cylinder boxer original engine from BMW is placed neatly under the full-length aluminum covering. The R100 RS retro chassis hasn’t been tampered with, making it quite a rare collectible. From what we learnt, foot brake lever and shift paddles were both made using just hands.


At the front of the retro bike, we have a very powerful headlight and a massive kidney grille, something similar to what we can see on BMW cars now. The BMW R100 RS motorcycle features a leather seat, spanning across the handle bars, with a well-equipped gauge cluster.

If you are not a keen observer, it might take you a while to figure out the fuel tank, which has been designed to fit in perfectly with this steampunk-styled bike. Stainless steel was used to create its exhaust manifold.

Another remarkable thing about this bike isn’t its outlook, but the fact that it offers an unexpected storage compartment. All you need to do is lifting the leather seat, and you will find a space where you can store wine bottle and glass. The spare spark plug and corkscrew are stowed away within the lift mechanism.


The 2 flaps at the back of the bike are where you will find old silverware and tool kits. What this means is that it is an ideal bike to take on a long trip, while your needs are well taken care of on the road.

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The designer Dirk Oehlerking said:

“The most interesting, exciting part of my work was the design. Designing a gentleman racer that completes the trilogy, that is the special Art of this motorcycle,” says Oehlerking.

“I started to build a cladding with wire frame and tape, which I then coated with cardboard and paste, so I created design and style. I didn’t want to sit behind a fairing in the motorcycle, I wanted to ride the motorcycle. I hid an original BMW R100RS under the fairing, frame and technology all original, I only used a Monolever damper. Like the White and Black Phantom, I placed the carburetor behind the fairing Kingston Hand Made.”

Some of the components that make up this retro BMW motorcycle include Fehling handlebar clip, Kingston instrumentation, universal headlights, custom leather seats, Metzeler ME tires, classic taillights, K&N air filter, YSS damper and BMW running boards.

The BMW R100 RS is powered by a 971 cc engine with an output of 72 horsepower, weighing 179 kilograms. The Good Ghost retro bike is expected to be displayed at where it was launched, which is the Haas Moto Museum, Dallas. The designer however wishes the bike will be seen at the upcoming Goodwood Festival of Speed.

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