Toyota accelerates away from its owner, slams into a parked car

If there is any demonstration on how to never exit a parking lot, you need to watch this clip. While they have not given us full info about the incident in the video but it looks like it was taken somewhere in Asia, where a Toyota car was making a break for it while trying to escape from the real owner.

The female driver according to the dashcam footage exited the vehicle in order to pay for parking. While she opened the gate to the parking lot, the car began to move forward and ended up smashing through the boom gate.

We could see from the video how the female driver was running alongside her Toyota car while it crossed the road but could do nothing at this time. The car finally stopped when it slammed into the side of a stationary car.

Watch the clip here:

We cannot really place our hands around what happened here, but we could assume that she left the car in drive and forgot to apply the handbrake. It is also possible that the vehicle experienced mechanical issues which made it slip out of gear and accelerate forward.

The extent of the damage caused to the Toyota and the car it hit is unclear but in all likelihood, the Toyota will at least need a new bumper and grille while the doors of the other vehicle might need to be replaced.

While we cannot say the extent of the damage, we believe she would have to acquire a new bumper and a grille. Also, the doors of the vehicle that got hit would have to be replaced. She should be ready to bring out her money purse.  

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