Have you ever wondered what your favourite car will look like in the future, filled with endless technological possibilities? In a world of self-driving vehicles, we have been given an exclusive peep into what we might expect from the British-owned Land Rover.


Many automakers are working on bringing this autonomous tech into real life. Interestingly, many have already succeeded and some are already plying roads in few countries. The full autonomous Range Rover for the 2027 model year has been envisioned in Tomas Zumalakarregui’s master’s thesis.


The Range Rover produced in the 1970 was the very first luxury SUV from European that could be efficient both off road and on road. This has been adapted into the company’s lineup comprising Range Rover Velar, Sport and Evogue. The theme in the personality of all these models is urbanization.

Exterior design

This futuristic design takes into consideration the philosophy and design techniques of Land Rover. It offers a very stylish outside look with large glass area and streamlined surfaces. Right in front of the car is a unique light bar and a fully enclosed grille housing several sensors.


The envisioned Range Rover concept by Tomas features gullwing doors while riding on 26-inch wheels with heat shielding cover. The model also features discreet charging port, glass roof and a visible black band that encircles the model visually.


At the back of the car, it offers 2 trucks with a combined storage capacity of 600 liters. Also, there are available iconic Range Rover branding and hidden sensors.


The length of this futuristic Range Rover is set to be 4,948 meters, width to be 2,021 meters while the height will be 1,635 meters. The wheelbase will cover as much as 3,536 meters. This means it won’t be as long, wide or tall like the regular Range Rover you see around.

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Interior design

On the inside, it embraces the exquisite look of a deserving futuristic design. It offers 4 seats with 2-tone upholstery. The seats are separated by full-blown center console with touchscreen infotainment system easily accessible and placed at an armrest angle.


The interior design offers other exciting features such as cup holders, hidden storage compartments, retractable tables, adjustable footrests and a double-sided 32-inch entertainment system (OLED).

Battery pack and performance

According to the designer, the vision concept will be powered by 2 powerful battery packs (solid state) with the capacity of 75 kWh each. These batteries will be placed at the front-end and back of the car, with a generative combined output of 322 horsepower.

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