Why are there so many ditched supercars in Dubai? This will convince you why

There are so many supercars lying abandoned in Dubai. Many of these supercars are lying in the desert. Just recently, pictures of these ditched cars surfaced on the internet and it looks a bit weird seeing these expensive cars worn away by sand.


Thanks to Donut Media who took it upon themselves to do a rundown of the reasons for this and how you could get yourself one of these cars if you are very interested. Before you run to book a flight, just know you will spend a lot of  money making these cars roadworthy again.


Well, we are all aware of how rich Dubai is, especially due to its location on the Persian Gulf and the abundance of oil. Not just that, the city also attracts a lot of very rich businessmen all over the world. As a result of this, a recent statistics states that close to ninety percent of people living in UAE might not be actually born there.

See the reason here:

Who Keeps Ditching Supercars in the Desert?

It’s no more news that people go to Dubai with a lot of money, enough to afford some of the most beautiful things in life. Buying of luxury cars and cruising in it around the beautiful city has come of taste to many of these rich folks. What should interest you is that if you default on a loan in Dubai, you can be arrested and thrown into jail. This is why a lot of people realizing their financial status, might decide to flee the country rather than spending time in prison.


This is why there are many cars in dubai abandoned on the roadside. Many of these people in huge debt leave the keys in the ignition in the course of trying to escape the country. some of the cars find their ways to auction. Definitely, not all.

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Check how you buy these abandoned cars in Dubai:

Buying An Abandoned and Vandalized Rolls Royce In Dubai

As a foreigner, you can buy these cars at an auction. However, it is important you stay alert so that you don’t end up running into debt yourself after purchasing the car. You never can tell how long the car was abandoned for before it was retrieved from the road or desert.

From what we learnt, there are firms who specialize in purchasing these cars, fix them and sell them off. You might do that but it will definitely come at a cost.

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