If buying BMW 3-Series is a dream come through and you are unable to afford M3, don’t feel bad yet. The M340i is a fantastic alternative for such a big dream of yours.

The BMW M340i is an affordable alternative to high road performance

One of the highlights of this BMW M340i is the availability of its Touring version. It is highly roomy and the look is quite remarkable. BMW is really generous with this model.

The M340i offers enough space for potential buyers

The BMW M340i is powered by a turbocharged straight-6 3-liter engine with a generative output of 369 horsepower and 369 pound feet of torque. The engine on this super-sized car is mated to nine-speed Steptronic automatic transmission. The BWM M340i features an xDrive all-wheel drive system. The ride can accelerate from a standpoint of zero to 60 mph in a remarkable 4.4 secs, and a peak speed of 155 mph.

The interior is roomy, functional and comfortable for long or short road trip

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The BMW M340i Touring is the only car you ever need. REVIEW!

For its interior design, the M340i promises an exquisite look from its colorful black and orange leather finish. The only challenge you might have is the unavailability of android Auto. We believe the Apple CarPlay seems to come handy except you can’t unlock it with apple device. Another issue here is the optional adjustable lumbar support which we felt it should come as standard feature. Regardless, this version is quite intriguing and assuring as well, especially in the area of road performance and comfort.

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The 2020 BMW M340i is set at a retail price of ₦21.87 million ($56,000), which is excluding of the shipping fee and clearing cost in Nigeria.

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