05 simple maintenance tips: Toyota vehicle owners should read this!

If you are a Toyota vehicle owner whether in Nigeria or other parts of the world, there are certain maintenance tips that will extend the lifespan of your car. Life cycle aside, knowing these tips will reduce the financial stress of unnecessary repair and also keep you safe on the road. Good news is: you do not have to be an auto mechanic before you perform these basic maintenance tips on your vehicle. One thing we all hate dearly is when our vehicles break down in the middle of nowhere. Places where you will not see any auto workshop or anyone to offer a helping hand. Such situation is likely to ruin your plan for that day and turn it into a nightmare.

Give yourself relief on the road as a Toyota vehicle owner

We understand combining our personal lives with the maintenance rigor could be very stressful for most of us. Luckily, these simple tips will not take much of your sweat neither your time. There are some you will do quickly before setting out while some can be done on weekends. When you perform these maintenance steps diligently, your vehicle will surely perform better on the road and also increase its selling value, in case you plan to sell in the nearest future.

Simple maintenance tips for Toyota vehicle owners

1. Adhering to recommended maintenance schedule by the manufacturer

As a Toyota vehicle owner, you need to take a look at the provided manufacturer’s manual guide on how to properly maintain your vehicle. This recommended schedule and task given out by the automaker. These often include inspecting the tires, fluid levels or knowing the ideal time to change oil filter, oil and spark plugs. You can contact any authorized or trusted repair shop for original parts replacement if needed.

Proper maintenance habit will keep your car from breaking down in the middle of nowhere

2. Air filter replacement

Air filter is one of the vital parts of your vehicle you should pay attention to. The work of the air filter in a Toyota vehicle is to block any dirt from gaining access to the engine. This is why you might have engine acceleration and fuel efficiency issues if the air filter is clogged or blocked by dirt. For most Toyota models, it is advised strongly to replace the air filter between 15,000 to 30,000 miles. While following this strictly, you should also consider the way you use your vehicle and the kind of terrain you ply most times.

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3. Oil change

You do not have to be an expert before you change oil in your car. As a Toyota vehicle owner, one of the simplest and most important maintenance tasks is changing the oil in your car as at when needed. For the vehicle’s engine to run effectively, it has to be properly lubricated. Failure to change the oil at expected time will lead to engine failure. When you use the oil for too long, it causes friction in the engine due to lack of viscosity. Always change the oil in your car regularly for maximum road performance.

Always refer to manufacturer’s manual guide for scheduled date for oil change

4. Tire pressure inspection

For your safety on the road, this maintenance tip is very compulsory for all Toyota vehicle owners out there. You need to check the pressure on your car’s tire for uniformity. Make sure there is sufficient air in the tires before you take it to the road. This habit will limit the issue of uneven wear of the tires as well as optimized fuel economy.

5. Cleaning your vehicle properly

We expect this to be a normal thing for you to do on daily basis. You should prevent occurrence of corroded parts by cleaning your vehicle regularly. Toyota vehicle owners are implored to avoid the accumulation of dust, dirt bird dropping or chemicals, which can easily impair the paintjob. Refrain from the use of household soap or liquid in cleaning your vehicle. These soaps have chemicals that can easily destroy the flawless look of your vehicle as well as stripping off its protective wax. You should get designated auto cleaning materials from a nearby auto shop to perform this exercise.

Paying attention to the recommended maintenance tip is the first big step towards improved road performance

Note: there are several other maintenance tips aside the ones we mentioned here that can extend the lifespan of your Toyota vehicle and also increase its resale value. Regardless, you should always pay attention to your vehicle for your safety as well as other people plying the road with you. Stay safe.

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