06 places where you can store spare tyre in a vehicle

Most of us are used to the trunk of the car since it is the commonest place where the automakers usually put in the space for storing the spare tyre. What you should know is that, there are several places in vehicles designated for storing tyres. Here on Cars9ja are 6 places where you can store spare car in a vehicle:

What is a spare tyre?

In simplest term, the additional tyre you have in your car is the spare tyre. People carry it out for emergency, especially when you need to replace a bad or flat tyre. This is why it is very vital to always keep it in perfect condition. All cars have specific speed ratings, stating the peak speed approved legally for the tyres on the wheels. You really never can tell when you will be in dire need of this spare tyre, especially when you get tyre issue at the middle of nowhere.

The additional tyre will come handy when you experience a flat or punctured tyre

Having a good knowledge of tyre safety and how to extend its lifespan, are key ingredients to spending less on replacement. Spare tyre isn’t just only tyre, it comes with a rim. If you have a donut tyre in any of the storage locations within your car, do not use such tyre for long distance trip. Donut tyre usually offers minimum speed rating.

How to Take Care of the Spare Tire in your car

Shockingly, some of newly manufactured cars do not come with these additional tyres. Some latest vehicles offer run-flat tyres while some only offer you tyre repair foam for fixing punctured tires. In a situation whereby you experience a massive tyre blowout or puncture, this repair kit may not be useful at all.

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Storage locations for spare tyres in a vehicle

In the Trunk

This is when you find the tyre well cradled inside the trunk of your car. Virtually everyone knows this; since it is common with vehicles we see every day. The storage spot is at the center of the trunk, within what is referred to as recessed area.

This is the most popular form of spare tyre storage

For some cars, the spare tyre is fastened with a wing-nut and bolt. Additionally, there is usually a stiff cardboard sheet laying on the spare tyre so as to flatten the compartment space. So, if you own a Toyota Camry or Honda Accord, you will likely see something like this inside the trunk.

Cradle under the back of the vehicle

This type of storage for spare tyre isn’t common, but is found in some cars. It requires a bolt to properly secure the spare tyre right from inside the trunk. The manufacturers decided to put the bolt within the trunk for security reason.

The spare tyre underneath the car can be accessed from the trunk, where it is fastened with bolt

The owner of the car will be able to access and protect the spare tyre from theft. Another good thing about this storage type is that it removes the stress of emptying your trunk before you get the additional tyre out. However, it comes with a price, which is dirt. The spare tyre especially when you drive on dusty road will be exposed to all forms of dirt. The spare tyre can also be exposed to rust, making it difficult to easily get out when need arises.

This storage type for spare tyre can be found on trucks like Nissan Xterra SUV, where the additional tyre is under the truck bed

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How To Make A New Spare Tire Cover Trunk Board

Mount outside the rear door

This is another common storage location for spare tyre. Since Nigerians are big fans of Sport Utility Vehicles and Crossovers, there is high possibility you have seen one or two models with this type of space for additional tyre. On these cars, the spare tyre is being fastened to the vehicle’s rear door. Models that feature this type of storage facility include Toyota RAV4, Mercedes G-Wagon and Jeep Wrangler.

Spare tyre mounted on the rear door is commonly seen on SUVs

Mount on the vehicle’s roof

If you have come across Jeep Cherokee, you should have seen something like this. On this type of car, the spare tyre is placed externally on the roof. The manufacturer obviously had a reason for such design.

The spare tyre is mounted ontop the roof of a Jeep Cherokee model

Mount on the vehicle’s bonnet

This is another design that would make you question the automaker. Be it as it seems, the manufacturer felt outside the bonnet of the vehicle is the most effective place for this extra tyre. You might have been lucky to see this on old model such as Land Rover Defender.

The old model of Land Rover Defender offers a storage space for the tyre on the bonnet

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Mount within the engine bay

Have you ever seen something like this before? Well, it is possible and real as well. Some car manufacturers believe that the best place to store the extra tyre is inside the engine bay. French automaker Renault deployed similar storage location for its 14 model. Other models where you will find something like this include Subaru Leone and Fiat Panda.

What do you think of this?


Although, we have given you just 6 locations, there are still other locations that you would love to share with us here. These locations for storing spare tyres in vehicles are best understood by the designers and engineers as well, at those auto companies.

Most importantly, regardless of the locations where your spare tyre is stored, you should always inspect the condition of the tyre, in case there may be need for it in the future.

Do not get stranded!

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