08 things Nigerian drivers do that kill their car battery life

One of the most annoying things that could happen to you as a car owner or driver is getting late to work or appointment due to dead/weak battery. This is when you will find it pretty hard to get its engine turned on or when the headlights are just dim. Well, you might need to get a public transport that day if you are lucky enough or trek is your house isn’t far from workplace.

A dead battery can turn your day into a nightmare

The battery in a car is one of the most important if not the most crucial thing in your car that makes ignition and driving a possibility. The battery often sends power via the starter motor right to the spark plugs, hereby getting the fuel inside the vehicle to get ignited, as well as other system power like air conditioner, radio, light and much more. It is pretty easy to decipher where fault lies in your car when it is becoming relatively difficult to get it started, weakening alarm system or even flickering lights. Here on Cars9ja are the 08 reasons why your car battery drains easily:

Man-made error

Sometimes the fault can be from you..YOU! This could happen probably once in a lifetime, especially when you are under intense stress, hereby forgetting to turn the headlight off. It could also be that you forgot to close the car’s trunk or other lights inside the car before you went to bed. When any of these happens overnight, the battery would likely drain itself before you wake up. The only remedy to this singular mistake is when you own a more recent car that alerts you when committing any of these mistakes.

It isn’t a bad idea to flex while in the car but remember to turn everything off before going out

Parasitic draining

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This happens when other powerful components of the car keep running even after you have turned the ignition off. Although, some of the components that cause this parasitic drain are expected such as radio, clock or security alarm but others such as electrical problem from poor installation, defective fuses and faulty wiring, can drain your car battery faster than you could imagine.

Charging problem

When there is a problem with the charging system, the battery will drain itself even when you are on the road. For some cars, lights, radio, and few other things are powered by the alternator, making it a big problem when there is a fault with the charging system. The car alternator may be having issues such as worn-out tensioners or loose belts, keeping it from working well.

When the alternator is defective

The battery in a car is recharged by the alternator and even powers automatic window, radio, lights and few other parts. When the alternative suffers from bad diode, it will drain the car battery. A bad diode in an alternator can charge the circuit despite having the engine shut off. This is why you will wake up to a DEAD BATTERY!

Find a replacement for old battery as soon as possible

Extreme temperature

Having extreme cold or hot temperature could allow building up of the lead sulfate crystals. When the vehicle is left for too long in such conditions, this sulfate will damage the longevity of the battery life. Sometimes, fast charging becomes impossible in these environments. This can happen when you only partake in short trip every time.

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Persistent short driving

When you have the habits of driving short distance every time you take the car out to Nigerian roads, it may cause the car battery to wear out before due time. When you start a car, the battery usually puts out a lot of power. When you shut down your car before the alternator recharges the battery, you are already digging untimely grave for your battery.

Loose or Corroded battery cables

If the connections on the battery are corroded, it becomes difficult for the battery to be charged. As a Nigerian car owner, you should check the battery for sign of corrosion or dirt. After regular inspection, make sure you use toothbrush or cloth to clean the corroded areas. You can also experience difficulty starting the car when the battery cables are loosened, since they will not transfer any electrical current the way it should. You will need to tighten the cables for an effective battery system.

When there is corrosion on the battery connection, it becomes a problem starting the car

Old battery

This is the part my Nigerian car owners do not want to hear. Your battery can be weakened from long years of using it. When this happens, starting the engine becomes difficult. A typical car battery should be replaced every 3 to 4 years. When you maintain the battery poorly, you may have an already weak battery on your hand, which will also need to be changed to a new one.

What must you do when your car battery keeps dying?

We understand here that it could be quite a frustration waking up every day to a weak battery. If this situation persists and is not based on your human error, you should take your car to a trusted auto mechanic to check if there are electric problems or even a dead battery.

Diagnosing a car battery that drains overnight.

Please, always pay attention to your car battery to avoid unwanted surprises!

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