07 seasons why it is important to wear seatbelt when driving

Introduction to why you should wear seatbelt when driving

When people wear seatbelts in your vehicles, it is obviously not for decoration or a way of pleasing the law enforcement officers on the road when driving. The seatbelts are placed there for a purpose by the car manufacturer. This is to safeguard you, protect other occupants in your vehicle and road users as well. Some people even believe that wearing of seatbelt is only meant for highway driving. This is absolutely wrong. In virtually every part of the world, wearing of seatbelt is made compulsory. Failure to adhere to this safety rule will surely attract a penalty.

If you are wearing seatbelt, wear it properly!

Most importantly, wearing seatbelt isn’t going to take a drop of sweat from you. Instead, it is extremely easy to wear to stay safe on the road. Here are 07 reasons why it is important you wear seatbelt before you start driving.

1. Safety is guaranteed

Unarguably, using seatbelts will save lives on the road. It ensures that every road is safe, especially from collision. Whether your car comes with airbag or not, the seatbelt will come handy when you are involved in fatal or non-fatal road mishap.

Wearing seatbelt keeps you safe on the road

2. Keeping in place during impact

There were cases whereby people found themselves outside the vehicles through the windshields during collision or heavy impact. This was because they didn’t use the seatbelt while inside the car. One of the benefits of seatbelts is that it keeps you in place during heavy impact. When this happens, it reduces the extent of injuries that could otherwise be inflicted on you or other people in the absence of seatbelt. The seatbelt protects your face during sudden breaking by restraining you.

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3. Working with the airbag

The airbag system in your vehicle may not be effective if you are not wearing seatbelt. The idea behind the airbag is to work with the seatbelt in cases of road accidents or crash.

4. Payment of fine

When you fail to wear seatbelt and you are caught by officers enforcing such rule, you may be asked to pay fine. Sometimes, before you are even asked to pay this fine, you might have been embarrassed or delayed at the checkpoint. You obviously do not want to have a stain on your driving record. Make sure you always wear your seatbelt before you turn the ignition key.

5. Reduction of fatal injuries and death

Like we earlier mentioned, wearing of seatbelt will reduce the level of injury you might have sustained if by any chance you are involved in road accident. A lot of people have lost their lives as a result of not wearing seatbelts. This often happens when they are ejected forcefully due to massive impact or during rollover accident.

It saves you from forceful ejection that could lead to fatal injuries or death

6. Insurance

In many cases, when you decide to lay claim to insurance in covering possible damages, the company may decline such request since you were not wearing seatbelts before the mishap. In such situation, the insurance company will not cover both damage inflicted on the vehicle and the people involved in the accident. Also, when you keep getting a lot of tickets or fines for breaking traffic rule of wearing seatbelt, it might be required of you to pay a lot more when you need to renew your insurance plan. This is because the insurance company will consider you as high-risk car user or driver. You may end up having to cancel the plan.

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7. Protects pregnant women

When pregnant women wear the seatbelts properly and low against the abdomen when driving, it helps protect the mother and unborn child from road fatalities or crash.

When you wear seatbelt when driving, you are not doing only yourself good on the road; you are also contributing to the overall safety of other people using the road. Stay safe!

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