Skoda introduces illuminated seat buckles for safer night driving

Skoda is set on putting an end to difficulty using seatbelt during night driving. With this new innovation, drivers can easily use the seat belt buckle in the dark with this smart LED light.

The illuminated seatbelt buckle changes colour to inform the occupants of their safety

Usually, we have the red button, which signifies the area where the seatbelt will be buckled. This new technology has replaced such point with multiple coloured lights inside a transparent housing. When no one is sitting in the car, the LEDs glow in white, signifying to passengers where the buckle will be found in the dark.

Interestingly, these LEDs can be programmed to turn red as a reminder when people sit inside the vehicle to make use of seatbelt. When the occupants have secured the buckles, the LEDs will turn to green colour and later return to white. This is an impressive safety addition, most especially for parents, who will now ensure and feel confident that their kids are well strapped in.

The new Skoda’s seatbelt LED buckle will replace the conventional red coloured- buckle

The illuminated seat buckle was designed inside the company’s facility. The carmaker has a reputation for always coming up with ingenious ideas on how to make driving safer and more exciting for people.

Aside this smart seat belt buckle, the Czech company also offers several remarkable ideas such as flexible cargo snake that ensures crates, boxes and other similar objects are placed safely in the cargo area with the luggage, and a carpet mats created from hollow fiber fabric, allowing easily cleaning of non-visible dirt.

Drivers will be able to easily access the new seatbelt buckle during night driving

Skoda has also presented a patent on a camera system for production line, which allows accurate alignment of car parts before being welded to the body. This will give the welder faster and more precise positioning of the car body from the onset. The 4 cameras will determine the car body’s position and ensure the welding robots’ path to be adjusted quickly as they operate.

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