For most parts of the world, it is often challenging when driving in raining season. While at that, we should also consider the condition of some roads especially in developing nations during heavy downpour. This period will challenge your driving skills and probably put it to shame if you are not prepared enough. One other thing you should consider during rainfall is the condition of your car. Is it ready to move freely in flooded roads without breaking down?

Driving when it is raining could be very challenging even for experts

Flooding is a likely scenario during raining season. Highly populated cities like Lagos usually experience high flooding that could put motorists into big trouble. On many occasions, people have lost their valuables and sometimes their lives to this heavy flooding. This is why we deem it important to share with you 09 driving tips in raining season.

Refrain from over-speeding

Speed Kills! This obviously doesn’t apply only to raining season but every season. It can be really sweet to enjoy the peak speed of your car, but remember your safety is already on the line. When it is raining, vision is likely to be impaired and the road will be slippery as well. Over-speeding at such time will put the driver and other occupants of the vehicle in danger’s way.

Speed kills!

Avoid unfamiliar flooded road

Unless it is absolutely necessary, avoid driving through flowing or stagnant water on the road. When you do so especially on unfamiliar roads, you can land your vehicle into a massive ditch, which would be so difficult for you to come out of. Not only that, your vehicle might suffer major hit or damage from the sudden drop. What you should do when faced with situation like is: allow those that know the road well to pass safely before plying that road.

Avoid flooded road as much as possible

Always hold the steering wheel firmly

What we meant by this is that; you should keep both hands on the steering wheel when driving in raining season. We know it can be tempting to cruise using a single hand or showing off our expertise to friends, but it sometimes comes with a huge price. Using a single hand to drive might make you to lose control of the car when it is raining.

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Always turn on the hazard lights and headlights

This instruction applies strongly when driving in raining season. When you turn on the headlight and hazard lights, you are sending signals of your presence to other road users. These lights aid visibility since drivers find it hard to see clearly when it is raining. You might end up bashing or get bashed by other vehicles if you fail to properly make use of these lights in raining season.

Refrain from undue overtaking

Overtaking isn’t that bad but should be done with precision and on a very good road. When you engage in the act of unnecessary overtaking of other vehicles when it is raining, you are putting everyone on that road in harm’s way. The roads are mostly slippery and the visibility is poor when it is raining. You may end up losing control of vehicle as a result of this, leading to fatal accident.

Avoid unnecessary overtaking of other vehicle when raining

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Always maintain decent distance from heavy trucks

Heavy trucks or trailers are definitely not the type of vehicles you want to be playing around with when driving in raining season. Giving them enough space when driving around them doesn’t make you make an amateur driver, but a smart one.

It is really risky driving close to heavy duty vehicles regardless of the season

These heavy trucks have the history of malfunctioning any time on the road. When you drive too close to them especially from behind, you are seriously putting yourself in danger. Decent spacing will give you time to maneuver especially when these heavy duty trucks experience mechanical trouble or fall suddenly on the road.

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Beware of where you park your vehicle

Imagine the feeling of having your vehicle gulped up by rain water just because you parked wrongly. Refrain from parking your car at potential flooded or unfamiliar places. Find a safe spot to park your car. Remember to seal up your car properly before leaving it.

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Lookout for pedestrians

We know the condition of road in many parts of the world. Not every road has a designated pedestrian lane. Since seeing clearly in a rain is difficult, thread slowly and watch out for the pedestrians. Do not kill an innocent soul!

Avoid struggling with other road users

It is not safe to struggle for road with other motorists especially when it is raining. When the situation goes out of hand, your lack of patience might cause unnecessary road hazard, leading to fatal damages and loss of lives. It is better to be late for your appointment than losing your life to what you could avoid in the first place.

Your impatience can cost your day!


Driving in rain is very challenging but could be smooth if you follow these driving tips strictly. Your safety is important as well as the safety of other road users.

Drive smart! Drive safe!

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