Covid-19: London declares free bus for all after 20 bus drivers died from the virus

Amidst the ravaging effect of the deadly coronavirus on entire global population, several countries are taking proactive steps in securing lives of their citizens through curtailing the spread of the covid-19 virus. London will start protecting its bus drivers from the deadly coronavirus by offering free bus fare from the 20th of April this year.

Buses in London will be free, as part of initiative to protect the drivers to coronavirus

This latest initiative was due to the loss of 20 bus drivers to covid-19. From what we learnt, deaths of bus drivers were recorded in Nottingham, North West and Bristol. Many cases of illness were found among hundreds of depot workers in the same city.

Sadiq Khan, who happens to be the Mayor of London, recently disclosed the recorded 200 mortality cases among the bus drivers as something that breaks his heart. The mayor also told the passengers to protect these drivers by boarding the buses by the middle doors.

The London bus passengers usually access the bus by using the door at the front while using their travel pass or bank card by tapping in. As a result of this mode of payment, passengers are compelled to move inches of these bus drivers, exposing them to risk of contracting the coronavirus.

London passengers are advised to use the middle doors when boarding these buses

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The London mayor believes the new method will help maintain proper social distancing between the bus drivers and the passengers.

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He said:

“I will continue to do whatever it takes to keep our heroic transport workers as safe as possible,”

 “I would like to remind Londoners that you shouldn’t be travelling by any mode of transport unless it is absolutely necessary, and public transport is only open for critical workers.”

British are currently prohibited from making use of public transport except it is absolutely necessary. They are also implored to stay at 2 meters away from next person especially in public places.

Bus companies beefing up efforts to sterilize buses amid COVID-19 outbreak

Looks like this lockdown rule has been strictly adhered to since the use of public transport has dropped in London exponentially.

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