Major differences between AutoCheck and CarFax

Over the years, there have been a series of arguments on which is better between AutoCheck and CarFax. None has really come up with concrete or valid points to decide the more effective platforms for used vehicles. Okay, let’s settle this! Before you purchase a car, we assume you know it’s vital to know the history of the vehicle, which must be accurate and detailed. When you know the difference between AutoCheck and CarFax reports, it saves you from unnecessary stress.


We agree it can be a bit challenging for potential car buyers to understand the difference between the two providers and their respective reports. Truth is: AutoCheck is more popular among shoppers due to their thoroughness and effective tracking of vehicles sold at auctions. CarFax also offers similar services, by providing accident and emission history. With any of these reports on your hand, you have already taken a positive step getting a solid car.

Vehicle tracking

AutoCheck undeniably wins this race. Carfax isn’t as effective as its counterpart when it comes to tracking cars sold at auction. As a result, it renders CarFax less useful and puts more power into the hands of AutoCheck. AutoCheck finds it easy to track auction vehicles due to its exclusive access to the data of some of the most popular auctions in the US. This eventually helps in their reports, which are usually correct and precise. Make sure you get a car dealership that gives out an AutoCheck report before you pay. 


Car history and its current market value

Because of their unlimited access to car data and more detailed market research, AutoCheck floors CarFax once again in this aspect. AutoCheck makes it reasonably simple for you as an average car buyer to understand how the history of the vehicle affects its market value. You could easily tell if the previous accidents would hamper its current value. Of course, CarFax should be commended for giving you the collision records. However, relying on CarFax data could hinder or limit your full understanding of what you are putting your money on. 

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VIN reports

AutoCheck gives you the opportunity to run many reports on the VIN numbers. This allows you to check many cars from a plethora of dealerships before making a final decision on which one to buy. CarFax possibly defaults in this aspect as they do not offer such service. The good news is: AutoCheck allows you to check the history for free online. 



While the stacks might be against CarFax mostly in this article, customers enjoy some perks on the platform. They give you full information of the mileage and the numbers of owners on each vehicle. One thing you should know is that every report from both parties isn’t foolproof. They usually report what is recorded. This is why you shouldn’t only rely on their reports. You need your eyes on the ground and ensure you inspect the vehicle properly before you buy. 

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