Toyota warranties on new cars and accessories

Toyota being the most patronized, richest car company on earth isn’t by has to do with the trust people have in their brand. The Japanese carmaker makes cars for every class of people, ranging from business executives, to low-income earners. People generally are interested in the Toyota warranties on products, as a form of reassurance of not wasting their money. If you own a Toyota car or you intend to get one soon, here are some warranty information you should know:


Toyota New Car Warranties

Toyota warranties on new cars covers 36,000 mileage or 36 months of usage. This warranty is classified under limited coverage. However, there are also some perks for customers to enjoy under this category. These include:

Basic coverage: This does not include maintenance items and normal wear. However, it covers all other components within the stipulated 36,000 miles/36months.

Powertrain Coverage: this Toyota new car warranty covers engine, transmission, seat-belts, airbags and drive-system. This is only limited to 60,000 miles/60 months. 


Rust-Through coverage: this covers corrosion perforation of sheet metals for unlimited miles or 60 months.

Note: Toyota warranties on new cars is similar to what are offered on hybrid models. However, the major difference is the hybrid-related component coverage. These include battery control module, HV battery, inverter with converter and hybrid control module. This coverage is limited to 100,000 miles or 8 years. There is also a possibility that the HV battery will enjoy more coverage under emissions warranty than the standard powertrain.

Toyota Accessories Warranty

It is common knowledge that Toyota spare parts are durable and functional. This is why they are in high demand. In most cases, warranty coverage on accessories is 12 months. When you buy the accessories with the brand-new car, the automaker offers a warranty that covers 12 months without taking the mileage into consideration.

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