Yamaha Mt 15- Why It Can Be The Best Bike To Buy This Year

For riders looking for a superbike with elegant design and sturdy performance, Yamaha MT 15 is an incredible choice. In fact, Yamaha is always one of the preferred 2-wheeler companies among Indian bikers. This bike is raising its demand when it comes to budget-friendly street-fighter choices. However, the bike manufacturers have not revealed their overall  two wheeler sales in any month to date, a surprising point. 

If you are heading with any certainty to purchase for Yamaha MT 15, then it is good to explore its features and performance first. The bike is a reliable choice and, of course, a value for money. Even the latest model was just launched on 11th April 2022, with some surprising deals. Check for more reasons why it can be the best bike to invest in this year in the blog below.


The Reasons Why to Pick Yamaha MT 15 Bike In 2022:

We hope the listed reasons below will help to make a right decision when it comes to buying a new two-wheeler at your home. You can go through with all the features and specifications of Yamaha Mt 15 at Droom and can make a smarter buying decision.

The followings aspects are followed;

1. Engine Performance

Yamaha has installed a potent 155 cc liquid excellent, 4-stroke engine and 6-speed gearbox. That gives the bike a refined performance and convenient riding experience even on rough terrains and highways. The bike is best to deliver 18 mph and 14 nm torque. The motorcycle is agile, which gives superb engine power.

2. Reliable Specifications:

Apart from the sports bike look Yamaha MT 15 Specifications are endless to impress you. The bike comes with a liquid cooling system, multiple disc clutch, self-start efficiency, rear and front brake, and manual transmission. The telescopic suspension front and linked-type mono-cross suspension rear make it worth it good. However, the lack of dual-channel ABS is a concerning feature for buyers as it comes with single-channel ABS only.

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3. Cost Efficiency:

When it comes to Yamaha MT 15, the Price than it ranges between 1.47 lakh (INR) to 1.5 lakh (INR). The difference comes with the color option you pick. However, it is a costly bike with standard features, so it cannot be an outstanding choice in superbikes compared with other motorcycles in the same price label by other bike manufacturers. However, the most awaited Version 2.0, launched on April 11th, 2022, came with a 1.6 lakh (INR) on-road price.

4. Comfortable Riding Experience:

The ergonomics of the riding experience of this model is great. As comes with a delta box frame, front conventional telescopic fork, and rear mono-shock unit. The idealized weight and dimension of the bike deliver overall satisfactory riding. MT 15 Mileage is also of utmost good as it offers 40 to 45 kmpl, but that still does not make it a next-generation motorcycle.

The count of Yamaha MT 15 features makes it overall a satisfactory bike in 2022. Still, some advanced features are missing in the price you are investing can doubt you. The in-build fully digital LCD panel, LED headlight & tail lights, side stand, engine cut-off, and radial alloy-tubeless tires give it standard reliability.

Some Other Facts About Yamaha MT 15 Motorcycle:

1. Cramped Up Seat: Riders can feel uncomfortable while riding it as the handlebar is quite close to grip. The use of rear-set foot pegs also gives inconvenient riding positions.

2. Wrongly Placed Switchgear: This makes it awkward for the rider to lead and grip the switchgear. It can partially affect the driving by taking hands off the handlebar.

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3. Single Channel ABS System: Of course, the bike is expensive but with single-channel ABS unit makes it a lousy choice for riders again. This huge miss is that MT 15 can be less preferable among Indian motorcycle lovers.

4. Imperfect Suspension Setup: This can also be the biggest mistake you can feel while driving, which can affect your speed. The rear suspension is stiffer, let discomfort to the rider’s back while going through potholes.


That’s very true that Yamaha bikes are always a high-picked choice for bikers and travel enthusiasts, but this time with Yamaha MT 15 price and features, the brand lacks other options in the market. The fair price with low specifications makes this motorcycle by a trustable brand.

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