10 important car parts you can scrap for money

What are these valuable car parts you can salvage for profit?

For starters, some vehicles are better sold as scraps than as a whole. This is because of the years of production and the incessant mechanical faults. Ultimately, this would incur heavy debt on your pocket in the long run. When you drive a car for more than 10 years, there are some valuable car parts that could fetch you enough to think of getting a new ride. After all, you are also doing the environment a favor. Corroding car parts can lead to health and environmental problems. When people are exposed to decaying heavy metals, it could lead to poisoning and cancer. 


Those consistent trips to the auto shop could be higher than the real value of your vehicle. See it this way: there are some parts of your vehicle that some people with similar models are direly in need of. To make their vehicle complete, they are ready to part away with some bucks. When you sell your car parts as scrap, you will be able to gather enough cash to get a safer and more effective car. Before you abandon your old vehicles, here are 10 valuable car parts you can sell for profit:

Car engine

The engine in your clunker is arguably the most valuable part. It could fetch you a lot of money if the engine is still in a decent condition. Getting a replacement engine for a car seems to be a road that requires huge financial commitment. As a result, car owners prefer to patronize the second-hand market for cheaper ones. Your car engine might come handy to them at the time of their desperate needs. Funny enough, if your engine is damaged, it could still fetch you some money. You can scrap it as aluminium, which is more valuable than steel. You might need the assistance of an auto expert to help you detach the engine safely from the body and prep it for sale.


One of the most important components of a car is the transmission. This is why it is always in high demand. According to expert reports, the value of automotive transmission globally will increase as much as $130 billion by 2026. Since the main job of the transmission is to transmit required energy to the wheels from the engine. It makes it quite a valuable thing to have in your possession. In fact, it helps to keep the speed of the car at safe levels. If you can repair your transmission, it could still go for a handful at the second-hand market. Interestingly, some are also ready to take it off you if you do not want to go with the meager repair cost. You can also convert it to aluminium, which would also fetch you some cash.

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Catalytic Converter

There has been a lot of buzz recently about the worth of the catalytic converter. A lot of car thieves are beginning to divert their attention to this vital car part. The job of the catalytic converter is to reduce the danger associated with emission. In the US alone, police receive 4,000 reports of people stealing this part every year. You can scrap the catalytic converter as long as it is not against the law of your country. You can easily sell it off at the car scrap yard. 

GPS system

Many people do not know that they can actually make easy money by selling off the GPS system in their clunker. Just like this feature is found on mobile devices, vehicles also use the GPS system to navigate. You should be able to get a couple of hundreds from this mostly overlooked car part.

Fenders and bumper

The sole purpose of the fender is to protect the wheels on the vehicles. More often than not, the fenders are linked to the bumper, which makes it sellable as a unit. These car parts are also in reasonably good demand in the auto market. They prefer to get it from a private owner since it will be cheaper.

Car doors

Many people have one or two issues with their car doors and are looking for cheaper replacement. Your scrap car door might just be what they need at that point in time.  In fact, you can sell your doors in multiple ways. This implies selling the mirror control, car locks and their important parts of the door separately. Once you have all these intact, there is money to be made out there for you.

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When you recycle the car battery, it makes the world a safer place for us all. It’s a win-win situation when you sell off the battery before you take your car to a scrap yard. The battery can also be refurbished when you put it in Epsom salt and distilled water. By doing so, you might just give your battery a new life, at least for five years. 

Air conditioner

This is more in demand in temperate regions on the planet. You can actually make some money for yourself just by parting with the air conditioning system in your old vehicle. The removal of this unit should be done by a mechanic if you do not have a technical know-how.


Windshield wiper 

Well, we do not expect you to make much from this. At least, it won’t go to waste. You can easily sell the windshield wiper arms for quick cash. 


There is nothing glamorous about the tailgate. However, it would surprise you that many people are interested in getting for their vehicles. Of course, it serves its purpose well. If your tailgate is in decent condition, you could make a lot of money from it. 


Your vehicle could be your loss or your oil well. It depends on how informed you are about some valuable car parts you can salvage for profits. Aside from the component we highlighted above, there are several other parts you can sell separately like radio, infotainment system, wheels and tires, car seats, radiator, windshield, light and so on.